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Our Authors calls upon its own editorial staff (principally editor-in-chief Richard “Zippy” Grigonis) as well as freelancers from around the country.

Here are some authors who have contributed to Interesting America:


Caitlin Doherty is Interesting America's pizza-ologist and fun eatery afficionado. She also likes fun places to visit when she can find the time. A New Jersey native, she is a pharmacy technician for a hospital.

Phil Dotree photo Phil Dotree has written over 2,000 articles on various subjects for many web- sites and news websites (Fark,, etc.). He has been featured on the Howard Stern show and

April S. KenyonApril S. Kenyon lives in the small city of Salem, situated in the scenic hills of southern Indiana. She received a BA in English from Indiana University in 1997 and has been pursuing a full-time career in freelance writing since the beginning of 2010. April writes for a number of online content sites, providing articles and research on a wide variety of topics for clients worldwide. Some of her favorite subjects to write about include those of an environmental and historic nature.

Abby SlutskyAbby Slutsky is a freelance writer and poet whose work appears both on the Internet and in print (she has had articles published in Sasee Magazine and Learning Through History). She has a BA in English writing from the University of Pennsylvania, a Masters in Education from Chestnut Hill College and a Juris Doctorate from Boston University. In her spare time, she volunteers for a hospice, plays Mah Jongg and shuttles her two boys to USTA junior tennis tournaments. A resident of Pennsylvania, she enjoys cake decorating, writing and traveling.

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Perhaps it's an interesting place known only to the locals, or some historical oddity that no one else knows about, or you've eaten at a unique restaurant, have braved a ride in a great new rollercoaster, know of a ghost tour of haunted houses in your area, or maybe Bigfoot is living in a nearby State Park!

If so, then we'd love for you to bring this interesting thing to our attention. Send us your leads or some reminiscences about the kind of stuff that's on our site, Interesting America.

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