Eudora Light Email Setup

  1. Open Eudora Light.
  2. Click on the Tools menu at the top.
  3. Select Options...
  4. In the options window, under Category click on the Getting Started icon.
  5. The format for POP account:
  6. In the field for Real name, enter your full name.
  7. In the field for Return address, enter your e-mail address:
  8. At the Connection Method, click on Winsock [Network, PPP, SLIP]
  9. Under Category click on the Hosts icon.
  10. In the field for SMTP, enter your outgoing mail server
  11. Click on OK and exit out the options window.
  12. Click on the File menu at the top.
  13. Select Check Mail.

The main difference between Eudora and other e-mail clients is that you have to include "mail" in the e-mail address. For example, would need to be entered into Eudora as Other than that, setup is fairly simple.

WARNING: SMTP authentication doesn't work with Eudora 3. If you require SMTP authentication, please upgrade to Eudora 4.3+.

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